why should i volunteer?

We all have opportunities to use the time, resources, and gifts that God gives us to serve others. It’s one of the primary ways we glorify him. The Living Room KSU gives you a number of ways to get involved.

serving at the living room

Volunteers make The Living Room KSU work. Here are some ways you can be involved:

  • Host Team: Help make The Living Room a welcoming place.
  • Food Team: Help serve dinner at the beginning of the night.
  • Production: Help produce the college environment at our gatherings.

If you’re interested in serving in one of these areas of The Living Room KSU, contact us or talk to someone at our info table.

serving at Woodstock City

You can also serve in these ministries of Woodstock City Church:

  • Production
  • Guest Services
  • Connections Bookstore
  • Parking Team
  • Waumba Land (Pre-school)
  • UpStreet (Elementary School)
  • Transit (Middle School)
  • InsideOut (High School)

Visit the Woodstock City Church serve page for more information about volunteering in these ministries.

Not in college but want to volunteer with the college ministry?

If you’re 25 years or older and interested in serving, consider being a Community Group leader.

College students do not lead college Community Groups. Qualified adults serve as leaders. College Community Group leaders play an important role in the college ministry, so we take great care when enlisting them. Leading a group requires a weekly commitment for one school year. Submit a leadership application to start the process. Once your application is submitted, we will be in contact with you to schedule an interview.