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Why Community

We’re all made for relationships.

Being a home away from home is about knowing and being known by others.

The Living Room is more than just a meeting. We’re a community. For us that means sharing life and looking out for each other as we grow spiritually.

Work and school can crowd out the things that are most important. We’ve seen the value in connecting in a church with people your age so that you’re not isolated.

How do you get connected in meaningful relationships here? Through participation in a small group, volunteering alongside others, and joining a missions team.

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Small Groups

Your college years are filled with transition. Navigating school, work, and friendships can be complicated. We want to help! You don't have to do it alone.

Small Groups: Every August we open online group registration for guys and girls groups that meet throughout the school year.

Short-Term Groups: Every January we open online group registration for guys and girls short-term groups that run through the end of the spring semester. In August, you will have an opportunity to join a long-term small group.


Whether it’s serving food, greeting, or leading a discussion in small group, you can help us make The Living Room feel like home!

Mission Trips

Every year we send teams in partnership with global(x) to different parts of the world. We serve, share the gospel, and support the work of local churches.

These intense times of giving become a source of incredible growth, friendship and fresh perspective.