The End It Movement

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The quote above comes from a letter Dr. King wrote from a jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama. He was explaining to a group of critics why he could not “sit idly” in Atlanta where things were actually slowly progressing all the while knowing of the hurt and the need for justice in Birmingham. He had to do something. And we live in a better world because he did.

Modern-day slavery may not feel all that real or urgent to us simply because it’s taking place somewhere on the outskirts of our daily worlds, though this issue is closer to home than you might think. Often, slavery is considered only to be a problem in countries such as India, Pakistan, or the Congo. But human trafficking is happening in the shadows of our very city. In fact, Atlanta is one of the largest hubs for sex trafficking in our country.

As followers of Jesus—who prioritized and offered healing to the hurting everywhere he went—we believe we can’t stay silent about this issue. Jesus summed up the entire law in his command to love God with everything we’ve got and to love people as we love ourselves. Loving people that way in practice would include taking care of them or protecting them the same way we would take care of or protect ourselves.

The End It movement is about bringing awareness to this issue, and they have done an incredible job of that. End It and this issue have been discussed on network and cable news outlets; it’s exploded on social media; and a significant number of celebrities, artists, and athletes (including Atlanta’s own Kyle Korver) have offered up their influence.

If you have reservations or pushback about End It, it’s likely because they are an awareness campaign and you believe that action is what’s needed. If that’s you, we get that. Please hear us out for a few lines. End It knows awareness will never end slavery, but slavery will never end without it. Awareness is a step in the fight. What End It is doing is working to bring attention and resources to an issue many organizations have been fighting for years. Their list of coalition partners includes IJM, The A21 Campaign, Free the Slaves, Not for Sale, Polaris, and World Vision, to name a few.

Every dollar End It raises through their current 27×7 campaign goes to these nonprofits that are working daily to bring trafficking criminals to justice and restoration to their victims. End It also hopes to inspire people like you to join this fight by finding ways to get involved with one of these action-oriented organizations. End It aims to get the nation’s attention, the government’s attention, and the world’s attention so that these organizations are poured into and empowered to continue their brave work.

The video below explains the 27×7 campaign. Watch it and then continue down the page to join a team. We’ve set up two, one for The Living Room ATL and one for The Living Room KSU. More information about our contest is below.

Alright, we’ve got some sweet End It Swag-Packs (pictured below) we will be giving away at our gatherings in a few weeks to the students who have the largest 27×7 teams by February 27, as well as prizes for other wildcard participants (meaning you may win a prize for simply joining one of our teams). To enter, follow these instructions carefully because winners will only be selected from students listed on one of our teams:

  • Choose either the ATL or KSU team by clicking its image below.
  • On the page, when you click “Join Team” you’ll be prompted by two options. Choose “by building your own team” and then set up your own profile. If you “just give” you will be unable to participate further. Don’t do that.
  • Donate $7 and create your profile. Hint: Customize your photo as well as your URL so it will be easier to recruit.
  • Start recruiting your friends + family. You can post your URL on social media, but we’ve learned personal invitations are much more effective.

**We realize many of you are already participating and have already set up profiles– and we LOVE you for that! For you to be included in this, simply login to your account and join one of our teams by donating $1. That is the only way we can keep track of all of you.**

Let’s be a group of college students known for our desire to make this world a better place!